About Me


    My name is Hannah Buys, I am 25 years old, and I am the owner and CEO here at Literally Blonde Boutique! I am married to Talbot Buys who is so amazing, supportive, and has motivated and pushed me to chase this lifelong dream of mine! I am fashion/shopping OBSESSED! I hate repeating outfits and have a toxic trait of buying a new outfit for EVERY event/occasion, but I can’t be alone... right, ladies??! Growing up I was painfully shy, but when it came to my outfits… HUNNY, I was not afraid to stand out and make bold fashion moves. My goal my entire life has been to find unique pieces that nobody else will have on around me. Let’s be honest, we all want to feel like the best dressed girl in the room and NOW that is my goal for LB! I want Literally Blonde to be a place you come to that you know you will find fashionable pieces that you haven’t seen anywhere else. You can be confident in your style and know that you aren’t just blending in, but standing out. Starting LB has made my forever dream come true and my goal is that LB is also the boutique of YOUR dreams! There is no better feeling than receiving a package at the door and I cannot wait to bring that happiness, packaged with LOTS of love, to your doors! Your orders and support means the WORLD to me and make this girls dreams come true!! 


Hannah Owner of Literally Blonde Boutique